Ayse Zengin

Zengin lab

Dr Ayse Zengin is the Head of Bone and Muscle Research Group.  She completed her PhD in a joint project between the Bone Biology and Neuroscience programs at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia in 2012. Upon completion, Dr Zengin worked as a postdoc in the Endocrinology Department of the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich (Germany) until December 2013. She then moved to Cambridge (UK) where she was a Postdoctoral Scientist at the MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit where she worked with the MRC Unit in The Gambia (Africa) on a musculoskeletal study in ageing men and women.  Dr Zengin joined the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health as a Research Fellow in the Muscle and Bone Health Group in September 2016.

YouTube video by Australian Institute of Policy and Science (4:18 min): Dr Ayse Zengin won the 2020 Tall Poppy Science Award for her research into musculoskeletal diseases.  Watch winning video.

Dr Zengin’s main research interests are investigating the muscle-bone relationship within the ageing population, imaging bone with advanced technology and the role of nutrition on skeletal health in the elderly across ethnic populations.

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