About us

From humble beginnings  originally within the Department of Medicine, the then first undergraduate  dietetics course in Victoria commenced at Monash in 2000.  Nutrition and  Dietetics has  since greatly expanded and was officially launched as a department in its own right  in October 2010.  In 2012 the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is  offered a new undergraduate course in Nutrition Science , with  the first graduates in 2014, as well as continuing to deliver the undergraduate  course in Nutrition and Dietetics.  These courses aim to assist students  wanting to pursue an interest in the field of nutritional health.

A research project Honours year  is offered to high achieving undergraduate students while research based higher  degrees are also available, with staff advising post graduate students both at  Masters and at Doctoral level.

In 2012 the department has  re-located to new offices in Notting Hill. This provides facilities such as the  Be Active  Sleep Eat (BASE) which  includes a sleep  laboratory, a commercial kitchen, exercise spaces and areas for collecting  blood and urine samples,  giving researchers a chance to individualise weight management programs and  collect valuable information in a friendly space. Furthermore as a department  within the School  of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health based  at Monash Medical Centre, the Nutrition and Dietetics Department is  ideally placed to undertake practice based research.  Our  multi-disciplinary team work together to enhance the student learning experience  and provides a rich opportunity to undertake research across a range of areas.

Teaching is conducted at  Notting Hill and Clayton Campuses by staff within the department alongside  experts in the fields of physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Our  staff has a wide range of interests in nutrition and dietetics with expertise  stretching across the lifespan from infants through to the elderly.  We  facilitate dietary  and nutritional intervention studies and  have access to a range of methodologies including an extremely well equipped  body composition laboratory.  We undertake research projects and consultancies and are  involved in a number of activities at both government and non-government  levels.