Student profiles

Find out about some of the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food student experiences and pathways from their profiles below.

Current PhD

Ms Stefanie Carino

Stefanie Carino Headshot

Project Title: Exploring environmental sustainability of hospital food services

Supervisors: Prof Judi Porter, Dr Jorja Collins and Dr Shirin Malekpour

Experience in the Department: I completed the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food at Monash University. Upon completion, an opportunity arose to enrol in a PhD that would allow me to pursue my keen interest in environmental sustainability and sustainable food systems, in the hospital setting.

My PhD aims to contribute to the evidence based on the environmental sustainability of food services in hospitals to enable policy and practice change. I have used qualitative research methods to understand the barriers and enablers both locally and in exemplar hospitals globally to achieve sustainable food services.

Alongside my PhD, I have worked as a clinical dietitian at Eastern Health and then in a newly established role as a ‘sustainable food systems dietitian’, to translate research to practice towards achieving sustainable food services within the organisation.

Nathan Cook

Nathan Cook Headshot

Project Title: Strategies to reduce food waste in hospital food services

Supervisors: Dr Jorja Collins, Prof Judi Porter and Dr Denise Goodwin

Experience in the Department: I have been welcomed into the Nutrition, Dietetics and Food department with open arms. Although I am studying remotely I am involved in PhD student support meetings, journal clubs and often catch up with other students and colleagues via zoom for a coffee and a chat. This has expanded my network and provided me with different learning opportunities while still studying from home in Queensland. I have been well supported by my supervisors who I meet with regularly. They have given helpful feedback and advice on my submitted drafts as well as autonomy on which direction to take with my research and career. For example, milestones are a large part of the PhD experience where you share your progress so far. These meetings have always been attended by different people in the department and the wider school to support myself and others in their PhD.

I would highly recommend a PhD at Monash University due to the expansive selection of professional development opportunities and the program structure where I can write my PhD via publication.