Meet our alumni

We’d like to introduce you to some of our graduates from across our courses and share where their careers have taken them.

Whether it is shaping food environment through policy, product development or sports nutrition, our alumni have the knowledge and hands‑on skills to turn their dream to reality.

Roxanne Tan

Graduate Nutritionist

“Say ‘yes’ to as many opportunities as you can; work hard and don’t doubt yourself; and always have time to make real connections with the people around you.”

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Ashley Toh


“You need to work hard and take the initiative to learn; then trust that you are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a difference.”

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Shistata Shrestha

Honours Student & Intern

“My advice would be to not to be afraid if things aren’t going according to your ‘career plan’. Be open-minded and take every opportunity, you may pleasantly surprise yourself.”

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Jessica Jong

2nd year student

"The subjects on offer cover a wide range of disciplines in the field of nutrition and dietetics, which is another thing I love about the course. Completing such a wide range of subjects gives you a taste of all the career pathways out there, and helps you to figure out which area you're really passionate about."

Delaram Ansari

2nd year student

"After I learnt about the course, I found myself eager to find out more. I realised I had found the perfect course that aligned my love to help others with my interest in health and science."

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