The BASE facility houses a sleep laboratory, a commercial kitchen, exercise and fitness studio and consulting suites. These are available for hire A team of accredited academics and health professional are ready to conduct research and product development tailored to suit your needs.


Commercial Kitchen

A fully equipped and self contained commercial kitchen built to industry specifications is ideally situated for food related research. The kitchen is available  for catering and function preparation, food demonstrations, classes, product launches, nutritional/ dietary analysis and more.


sleep lab

Sleep Laboratory

Utilising the most current technologies, our sleep laboratory is light and noise controlled for most favorable overnight sleep studies.  Our equipment is  capable of accurate measurements of:

  • Anthropometry
  • Oxygen consumption
  • Ergometry
  • Energy expenditure
  • Blood and metabolite analysis
  • Dietary analysis and dietary profile



Research Equipment

We have capability to measure each of the four compartments which make up the human body.  Gold standard measures of total body water, bone, lean mass and fat are available as are energy (resting and total) expenditure. Our capabilities extend to measurements of humans who weight up to 199kg.



Appetite, Satiety and Food intake

Measurement and understanding food intake is critical in our increasingly obesigenic environment. We can measure and assess in adults and children, appetite and satiety over short and long term. Further we can  extend testing of foods into understanding their impact on short and longer term energy compensation by manipulation of either diet and/or activity.

We have the capacity to test foods for glycaemic index and calculation of glycaemic load.

Advice on methods of nutritional and dietary assessment can be provided by our academic staff and analysis of dietary data is available.