Staff - Nutrition and Dietetics Department

Department staff

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Helen TrubyProf Helen Truby
Head of Department, Discipline lead Dietetics
Bonham MaxineA/Prof Maxine Bonham
BNutSc course Convenor
Andrea Bryce  Ms Andrea Bryce
Nutrition Program Manager
Amanda Anderson  Ms Amanda Anderson
Senior Lecturer
Claire Palermo  A/Prof Claire Palermo
Senior Lecturer
Judi Porter  A/Prof Judi Porter
Senior Lecturer
Janeane Dart  Ms Janeane Dart
Senior Lecturer
Evelyn Volders  Ms Evelyn Volders
Senior lecturer, MDiet Course Convenor
Simone Gibson  Dr Simone Gibson
Senior Lecturer, Masters year Convenor
Ricardo Costa  Dr Ricardo Costa
Senior Lecturer, Higher Degree Research (HDR) Co-ordinator
Nicole Kellow  Dr  Nicole Kellow
Lecturer, Year 4 Convenor
Kate Huggins  Dr Kate Huggins
Senior Lecturer, Honours Course Co-Convenor
Zoe davidson  Dr Zoe Davidson
Senior Lecturer
Tracy McCaffrey  Dr Tracy McCaffrey
Lecturer, Year 2 Convenor
Chiara Murgia  Dr Chiara Murgia
Lecturer, Year 1 Convenor
Liza Barbour  Ms Liza Barbour
Michelle Blumfield  Dr Michelle Blumfield
NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow
Jorja Collins  Dr Jorja Collins
Elizabeth Barber  Dr Elizabeth Barber
Assistant Lecturer
Aimee Dordevic  Dr Aimee Dordevic
Lecturer, Year 3 Convenor
Kay Hguo  Dr Kay Nguo
 Mr Alan McCubbin
Julia McCartan  Ms Julia McCartan
Research Officer
Melissa Adamski  Ms Melissa Adamski
Project Coordinator, Dietician
Shay Occhiuto  Ms Shay Occhiuto  
Nutrition Clinic Manager, Dietitian
Kaylene Hanlon  Ms Kaylene Hanlon
Course Administration Officer
Leagh Rule  Ms Leagh Rule
Administration Assistant

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Adjunct/Honorary staff

  • Prof Duo Li
  • Prof Andrew Sinclair
  • A/Prof Avihu Boneh
  • A/Prof Karen Walker
  • A/Prof Kevin Whelan
  • Dr Sue Booth
  • Ms Anita Wilton
  • Ms Kathryn Marshall
  • Ms Mary Anne Silvers
  • Mr Anthony Bernardi
  • Dr Tracy Burrows