Maxine Bonham

Research interests

A/Prof Maxine Bonham is a registered nutritionist and has >20 years postdoctoral experience in nutrition science research. Her research is based at the Be Active Sleep eat (BASE) Facility at Notting Hill where she has established a research agenda in nutrition and circadian biology initiating a structured research program examining the adverse health effects associated with sleep debt, poor dietary habits and misalignment of circadian rhythms in shift workers. A/Prof Bonham has been successful in gaining grant income to support her work by the National Heart Foundation and more recently was awarded $1.43 million by the NHMRC to investigate novel weight loss strategies in night shift workers.  Her expertise is in the successful development and oversight of nutrition intervention program that favourably impact metabolic health.

Research Expertise

Nutrition interventions, meal timing, assessment and analysis of dietary intake


A/Prof Bonham has been actively involved with the establishment of the Be Active Sleep and Eat (BASE) facility in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food, Monash University.  BASE is a collaborative research facility with researchers from physiology and sleep, based at Notting Hill. She is currently the course convenor for the Bachelor of Nutrition Science (BNutSc) at Monash University.

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