Kay Nguo

Research interests

Nutrition, Diet, Body Composition, Energy Expenditure, Doubly Labelled Water, Clinical Trials, Indirect Calorimetry, Appetite and Satiety, Gastrointestinal Appetite Hormones.


Dr Kay Nguo is a Lecturer in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food. She trained as a dietitian and began her professional career as a clinical dietitian in a major tertiary hospital before transitioning into research and academia.

Dr Nguo completed her PhD at Monash University. Her PhD entailed a series of clinical postprandial studies in children and adults, investigating the effects of macronutrients on appetite responses and meal induced thermogenesis in obesity. Dr Nguo's main areas of interest are energy metabolism, body composition, gastrointestinal appetite hormones, appetite and satiety and the nutritional management of chronic diseases including obesity. Some of her research skills include clinical trials management, DXA, indirect calorimetry, anthropometry, bioelectrical impedance and sample analysis using analytical laboratory instruments. Dr Nguo also has skills and professional networks in the use of stable isotopes for the measurement of body composition (using deuterium dilution) and energy expenditure (using the doubly labelled water) in humans.

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