Tracy McCaffrey

Dr Tracy McCaffrey is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food at Monash University. She is a Registered Nutritionist (UK) with a research focus in Public Health Nutrition.

At Monash, she leads the research stream on Dietary Assessment Methodologies to provide specialist analysis and advice on suitable methods to assess dietary intake. She has advised government departments in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland on the assessment of dietary intakes and consumer understanding of portion size.

Dr McCaffrey is currently chair of the Melbourne group for the Nutrition Society of Australia and Trustee of the Australian Nutrition Trust Fund.

Dr McCaffrey is co-investigator and project co-ordinator on Communicating Health. Communicating Health (CommHealth) is a NHMRC funded project, led by the late Dr Cate Lombard. The team would like to acknowledge Cate’s passion and advocacy in Public Health Nutrition. She developed, led and successfully delivered 3 large randomised controlled trials in obesity prevention in over 1100 women in 42 communities and translated the outcomes for scale-up.  We honour her memory by continuing the work she started in CommHealth. The study design of CommHealth aims to understand how and why young adults use social media to talk about their health. We ultimately want to develop a ‘toolbox’ to assist health professionals in communicating with young adults on the ever evolving social media platforms.

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