Imaging Analysis Team

Head of Imaging Analysis, Dr Zhaolin Chen.

Improving MRI and MR-PET imaging

The Imaging Analysis Team focuses on the development of novel data acquisition, and image reconstruction analysis methods for MRI and simultaneous MR-PET.

Led by Dr Zhaolin Chen, the team specialises in MRI and PET data acquisition, image reconstruction, data analysis, informatics, and machine learning methods. The team develops and applies novel methods to a broad range of biomedical imaging applications.

Research projects

Working with Monash Biomedical Imaging's MRI and simultaneous MR-PET scanners, the team is conducting a range of research projects covering:

  • Quantitative MR-PET imaging
  • Motion artefact removal in MRI
  • Synergistic MR-PET image reconstruction
  • Functional PET and functional MRI development

Read more about the Imaging Analysis Team's current research projects.

MRI and MR-PET Imaging collaborations

The Imaging Analysis Team collaborates with academia and industry on a range of MRI and MR-PET imaging projects. Please contact Dr Zhaolin Chen to discuss your collaboration ideas.

Recruiting postgraduate students

The Imaging Analysis Team is now recruiting postgraduate research students to join its projects. Prospective students are invited to contact Dr Zhaolin Chen for more information.

Imaging Analysis Team

Dr Zhaolin Chen PhD
Head, Imaging Analysis Team

Dr Shenjun Zhong PhD
Research Fellow / Informatics Officer

Dr Kamlesh Pawar PhD
Research Fellow

Edirisinghe Peiris
Mevan Ekanake
Cameron Pain