ModalityUseLocation Hourly rate*
($AUD, ex GST)
3T MR-PET (Siemens Biograph) Human & large animal Clayton $990*
3T MRI (Siemens Skyra & Siemens Biograph) Human & large animal Clayton $660
9.4T MRI (Bruker) Small animal Clayton & ARA-MBI (Prahran) $175
MPI System Magnetic Insight Small animal ARA-MBI (Prahran) $150
PET-CT (Mediso) Small animal ARA-MBI (Prahran) $150*
PET-CT (Siemens Inveon) Small animal Clayton $150*
SPECT-CT (Siemens Inveon) Small animal Clayton $150
CT (Siemens Somatom) Large animal Clayton $75
CT (Siemens Inveon) Small animal Clayton $75
FLECT (TriFoil) & CT (Mediso) Small animal MIPS (Parkville) $75
Ultrasound (VisualSonics Vevo 2100) Small animal Clayton $75
TMS (MagVenture) Human Clayton $25
EEG (Brain Products) Human Clayton $25
Ocular motor (EyeLink 1000) Human Clayton $25
Gym Human BrainPark, Clayton $50
Exercise Physiology Human BrainPark, Clayton $50
Spin Room Human BrainPark, Clayton $50
Virtual Reality Room Human BrainPark, Clayton $50
Meditation/Yoga Room Human BrainPark, Clayton $50

For experiments that use equipment in other labs, the cost of each lab will apply.

Advanced support Hourly rate*
($AUD, ex GST)
Operator support/specialised expertise $75
Advanced support for TMS or EEG $50
Longer term image analysis and acquisition Upon negotiation

* Does not included radiopharmaceuticals. Please contact MBI Manager for details of radiopharamaceutical availability and pricing.

This price list was updated on 24 January 2019 and is subject to change. To obtain rates for private/commercial entities or for further information, please email the MBI Manager.

Cancellations - Researchers should endeavour to give maximum possible notice of cancellations so that other researchers can use the facilities. View our cancellation policy.