New projects

Before commencing a new project, all researchers wanting to access Monash Biomedical Imaging's facilities at the Clayton or Prahran sites must complete an access and project request form.

To complete this form, you will need details about your project relating to the investigators, finance and the Monash Biomedical Imaging infrastructure you wish to access. If your project involves live humans or animals your ethics approval documents will also be required.

Researchers submitting ethics for new MRI clinical projects should visit our policies and guides page to inform themselves of our policies on reporting of scans, incidental findings procedures and release of images.

Infrastructure access and project request forms

1. Monash Biomedical Imaging infrastructure access and project request form (preclinical, human and BrainPark projects at Clayton)

2. ARAMBI infrastructure access and project request form (preclinical projects at Prahran)