Clinical research facilities
Image courtesy of Dr Phillip Ward.
A map of the veins within the brain from an MRI of a healthy person. Image courtesy of Dr Phillip Ward.

To solve the significant health problems that affect our community, researchers need access to a range of biomedical imaging and clinical testing facilities.

Monash Biomedical Imaging offers a range of technologies and expertise in one location to help researchers conduct their human research studies. We help researchers conduct their imaging research efficiently, which also ensures participants only spend the minimum time necessary being tested.

As our facilities are dedicated to research, clients will never have to compete with hospital patients or be delayed because of other demands for the equipment.

Imaging and testing facilities available

Human research studies can be performed with the following Monash Biomedical Imaging equipment:

To use our facilities, researchers need to have all relevant human ethics and OHS approvals. Our experts can guide researchers on the approvals and paperwork they need to provide before commencing their research at Monash Biomedical Imaging. Learn more about working with us.