Ocular motor / eye tracking

Monash Biomedical Imaging offers two forms of human eye tracking technologies to facilitate testing in and out of our MRI scanner.

MR-compatible eye tracking system

Our MR-compatible and desktop-mounted eye-tracking system, Eyelink-1000, can record eye-movements, pupil diameter, and monitor ocular behaviours during fMRI scanning.

Eyelink-1000 consists of a high-speed camera connected to a dedicated host computer, which can sample eyes in real-time with incredibly low inter-sample variability.

Ocular motor testing

The non-MR-compatible ocular motor setup has the following key specifications:

  • Sampling rate (monocular): 250, 500, 1000, 2000 Hz
  • Sampling rate (binocular): 250, 500, 1000 Hz
  • Average accuracy: 0.25º to 0.5º
  • Resolution: 0.01º RMS, micro-saccade resolution of 0.05º
  • Real-time data access: 1.4 msec (SD < 0.4 msec) @ 2000 Hz