Vevo2100 Ultrasound

Our Vevo2100 (FUJIFILM/VisualSonics) can produce very high visual and temporal resolution that makes it suitable for imaging small animals, from zebrafish to rats.

The Vevo2100 system supports a wide range of preclinical research applications and is ideal for long-term studies.

Benefits of using the Vevo2100 Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging is one of the most flexible clinical imaging modalities that can be used for visualising everything from preterm babies in the womb to cardiac blood flow in a rapidly beating heart.


  • Produces very high visual (down to 40 µm) and temporal resolution (up to 700 frames per second depending on the mode) images
  • Suitable for imaging small animals and phantoms
  • Linear and non-linear perfusion

Research applications

  • Cardiovascular research - precise visualisation and quantification of cardiac and vascular function, and blood flow analysis
  • Abdominal imaging - visualisation and assessment of function of various abdominal organs and systems including the kidneys, liver, urogenital and gastrointestinal systems
  • Cancer research - characterisation of tumours in vivo, monitoring of tumour development and responsiveness to therapy
  • Developmental research - visualisation and manipulation of embryos in utero
  • Ultrasound-guided injections - precise drug delivery to a particular organ, creation of orthotropic tumours and embryo injections

The Vevo2100 can also be used to image a range of engineering samples, like hydrogels, nanoparticles, microbubbles and solid objects.

Vevo 2100 Ultrasound technical specifications

  • Colour and pulse wave Doppler modes for blood flow quantification
  • ECG-gated Kilohertz visualisation (EKV) modality for MRI-quality cardiac and vascular imaging
  • 3D imaging for structure and volume analysis
  • Non-linear contrast imaging (Vevo MicroMarker Contrast Agents) to evaluate and quantify relative perfusion in organs and tumours
  • VevoStrain™ and VevoVasc™ software packages for detailed analysis of cardiac and vascular function

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Additional support

Our Preclinical Support Team can provide valuable guidance and our Administrative Team can help you navigate the relevant procedures.

Research using the Vevo2100 Ultrasound

A team of researchers from Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute’s (BDI) Cardiovascular Disease group are using the Vevo2100 Ultrasound in their preclinical trials of novel drugs that target and inhibit the activity of the enzyme, IRAP, and assess their effectiveness in stabilising established abdominal aortic aneurysms.