Bruker 9.4T MRI small animal scanner - ARA-MBI (Prahran)

The scanner is located at the Alfred Research Alliance - Monash Biomedical Imaging Facility (ARA-MBI), Commercial Road, Prahran.

The 9.4T animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system (Bruker) located at the ARA-MBI campus in Prahran is optimised for rodent and high-resolution sample imaging. The ultra high magnetic field coupled with rodent cryocoils provides structural and functional images with higher resolution and signal to noise ratio compared with standard MRI. This scanner can be used for brain, abdominal, cardiovascular, muscular and articular, as well as dynamic molecular imaging.

The 9.4T MRI scanner can image objects as large as 7cm in diameter and as small as 100 microns.


  • Mouse and rat cryocoils for brain and whole body imaging
  • Mouse and rat cardiac surface coils for heart imaging
  • 40mm 19F flourine imaging coil for use with rodents or samples
  • 35mm volume coil for high-resolution mouse head or sample imaging
  • 86mm radio frequency transmit and receive coils
  • Suitable isoflourane anaesthesia and animal monitoring system
  • Full range of beds to cater for most species and samples

Instrument access

  • Bookings are made via iLab, as per standard Monash Biomedical Imaging booking protocols
  • Users need to liaise with Monash Biomedical Imaging to obtain access to the scanner, and regarding ARA-MBI-specific training/OHS requirements. Please email enquiries.mbi@monash.edu

Dedicated operator and support

When using the 9.4T MRI system, an experienced operator will run your scans to ensure optimal imaging results. We will also prepare your samples and live animals for imaging if required.