Mediso NanoPET-CT Small Animal Imaging System

The scanner is located at the Alfred Research Alliance - Monash Biomedical Imaging Facility (ARA-MBI), Commercial Road, Prahran.

The Mediso NanoPET/CT is a small animal preclinical scanner suitable for a wide variety of radioactive tracer imaging and computer tomography (CT). Typical applications for PET tracers include oncology, cardiology, metabolic, neurodegeneration and obesity research. The CT component is ideally suited to a number of applications including bone, organ, anatomy and developmental biology research.

The CT also provides precise localisation for the PET signals, allowing quantitation of tracer uptake in specific organs.


  • 16cm gantry bore to accommodates imaging of mice, rats and rabbits with interchangeable beds and radiation shields
  • Low dose CT protocols (<50mGy for a three minute scan) are compatible with longitudinal rodent studies
  • Imaging beds provide integrated animal support, with gas anaesthesia and controlled heating and monitoring
  • Up to four mice can be imaged simultaneously with the four-animal bed
  • Open access system with a one-step animal loading procedure and single motion PET and CT acquisition to enable automatic fusion of PET and CT images
  • Reconstructed PET resolution is 1mm and CT resolution is down to 10 micron
  • Axial scanning up to 300mm and transaxial scanning up to 125mm
  • VivoQuant software for analysis is available in the PET/CT room

Instrument access

  • Bookings are made via iLab, as per standard Monash Biomedical Imaging booking protocols
  • Users need to liaise with Monash Biomedical Imaging to obtain access to the scanner, animal holding and radiopharmacy rooms, and regarding ARA-MBI-specific training/OHS requirements. Please email
  • Users should note requirement for radiation safety training and individual user radiation licence (Dept of Health) before use of radiopharmaceuticals can commence.

Dedicated operator and support

When using the Mediso NanoPET/CT, an experienced operator will initially run and optimise your scans to ensure quality imaging results. We will also train you to independently operate the scanner and help you obtain the necessary licences.