Hot cell

Radiochemistry to support preclinical and clinical imaging

Our on-site radiochemistry and hot cell laboratory supports preclinical and clinical research using our PET and SPECT imaging technologies at Monash Biomedical Imaging.

We can source radioactive tracers, assist with radiolabelling peptides and antibodies, and provide advice on designing radiotracers for imaging and radiotherapy.

Preclinical radiochemistry facilities

Inveon scannerOur radiochemistry facilities support small animal PET and SPECT research at our sites in Clayton and Prahran, and large animal simultaneous MR-PET research. They include:

  • a hot cell with a 68Ge/68Ga generator, radioHPLC and radioTLC, and gamma counter analytical instruments
  • access to 99mTc, 64Cu, 177Lu and 89Zr radionuclides as well as commercially available radiotracers
  • radiolabelling of peptides and antibodies with radiometals
  • advice with designing radiotracers for imaging and radiotherapy
  • animal holding areas for recovery experiments using radiotracers/radionuclides

Clinical radiochemistry facilitiesMR-PET scanner

For clinical research imaging using our simultaneous MR-PET scanner, our radiopharmacy facilities include:

  • dose calibration of a large range of radiopharmaceuticals for both bolus and infusion administration methods
  • the expertise to take venous blood samples before, during and after radiopharmaceutical administration

Radiochemistry research projects

Read about the Radiochemistry team’s research projects. The team, led by Dr Maggie Aulsebrook, invites collaborations with industry and academia.