Siemens Skyra 3T MRI

The Siemens Skyra 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner delivers exceptional quality and speed with consistent results.

The Skyra’s key features include:

  • 70cm wide bore
  • Full range of imaging coils including an advanced 32 channel head coil
  • 20 channel head and neck coil
  • 32 channel spine coil
  • 18 channel body coil
  • Advanced reconstruction and analysis software for functional and diffusion neuroimaging, perfusion imaging and flow quantification
  • Cardiovascular and musculoskeletal electroencephalagrapy system
  • SR Instruments eye tracking unit
  • XQ Gradients
  • Multi-nuclear spectroscopy
  • Parallel transmit technology (ZOOMit) applications
  • 32" BOLDScreen for stimuli presentation

MRI compatible facilities

In addition to our 3T MRI scanner, we offer MR-compatible technologies that can be used during MRI scanning. This enables researchers to gain more informative data than conducting separate studies, and also saves time and resources.

Simultaneous fMRI and EEG

Our EEG-recording system (BrainAmp MR Plus, Brain Products) can be used to obtain integrated EEG and ERP recordings during fMRI scanning.

The passive BrainAmp MR Plus system can record during the pulse sequence without compromising the raw EEG data. Clock synchronisation between the MRI and EEG system improves the accuracy of gradient artifact reduction, simplifies the artifact reduction process, and allows acquisition using standard sampling rates. The additional BrainVision BrainAmp ExG MR can be used for ECG and EMG recordings outside or inside the MR scanner.

Key Specifications:

  • BrainAmp ExG MR 16:16 bipolar OR 8 bipolar + 8 AUC (to connect to sensors, such as respiration belt)
  • Integrated impedance measurement, suitable for MR scanner room sampling rate of 5kHz per channel
  • Optical signal transmission (via twin fiber optics)
  • Rechargeable battery (PowerPack)
  • 16bit TTL trigger input

Simultaneous MRI and TMS

We offer simultaneous multi-parametric MRI and TMS recording. This is facilitated by:
  • Custom-made 8 channel large-bore MRI head coil
  • MRI-compatible MagVenture X100 TMS machine with cooled and non-cooled MRI-compatible TMS coils
  • MRI-compatible frame for stabilising the TMS coil to position and maintaining the exact coil location relevant to participant's head
  • Cables enabling communication between the MagVenture X100 TMS machine in the projector room, behind MRI room and a PC in the control room. This enables control of the stimulation intensity (via an External Control software program) and external triggers to be sent to the stimulator

Pulse oximeter

Our Nonin fibre-optic MR-compatible Pulse Oximeter (Plethysmograph) can record:

  • Pulse rate
  • Pulse waveform
  • Blood oxygen saturation during fMRI scanning

A hardware interface enables logging of these parameters on a computer during testing. The Pulse Oximeter can also be used in pre-clinical fMRI.

Auxiliary sensor: respiration belt

The pneumatic respiration belt can measure respiration inside and outside the MR scanner. Respiration signals might be used to correct for artefacts linked to movement, physiological alterations, induced field inhomogeneity (inside the MR), or interference with the experimental paradigm.

The respiration belt is powered directly from the amplifier (BrainAmp ExG MR), which guarantees participant safety.

Ocular motor recording

Our MR-compatible and desktop-mounted eye-tracking system, Eyelink-1000, can record eye-movements, pupil diameter, and monitor ocular behaviours during fMRI scanning. Read more about this system.

Neuropsychological testing

A range of software tools are available to conduct neuropsychological testing both inside and outside the MRI scanner. They include:
  • E-Prime, Psychtoolbox, PsychoPy, Experimental Builder, and Matlab for implementing and running experiments
  • Trigger interfaces to synchronise MRI pulse sequences with experimental paradigms
  • An MR-compatible display screen to display stimuli to the participants inside the MRI scanner