Focused ultrasound

Focussed ultrasound MRI guided focused ultrasoundFocussed ultrasound

Monash Biomedical Imaging houses a CSIRO funded LP-100 MRI guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) system which is ideal for a wide range of focused ultrasound experimental setups.

The instrument is compatible with our 3T MRI and 9.4T MRI systems, allowing for both large and small animal studies. It is not suitable for human use.

The MRgFUS focuses multiple ultrasound pulses to a specific point that can be less than 1mm. It has two 75mm transducers operating at 550kHz or 1.1MHz.

Research applications

The ultrasound penetrates cranial bones allowing targeting in the brain and is suitable for a wide range of preclinical research applications including:

  • transient, non-invasive and targeted opening of the blood-brain barrier
  • specific ablation of tissue, including brain regions, organs and fibroids
  • tumour tissue ablation or blood vessel permeabilisation.

Focussed ultrasound mouse imageNon-invasive opening of blood-brain barrier

As demonstrated in this mouse brain image, focused ultrasound with microbubbles was applied within the right hemisphere of the brain to non-invasively open the blood-brain barrier.

After the focused ultrasound delivery, the mouse was scanned following a gadolinium contrast injection. The high intensity in the right hemisphere of the mouse brain indicates the focused ultrasound induced some permeability in the blood-brain barrier within the targeted region.

More information

For more information about our focused ultrasound and its preclinical research applications, contact our Head of Preclinical Imaging, Dr Michael de Veer.