Magnetic Particle Imaging (ARA-MBI)

Magnetic Insights MOMENTUM Magnetic Particle Imaging System

MPI System

The Alfred Research Alliance-Monash Biomedical Imaging (ARA-MBI) site in Prahran operates one of only two Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) instruments in Australia, and the only one in Victoria.

Benefits of MPI

  • The world’s highest sensitivity and resolution of MPI images
  • Simple to operate, eliminating the need for a dedicated scanner operator and allowing researchers to acquire their own data


  • Molecular imaging with targeted iron oxide particles
  • Tracking of cells labelled with iron oxide particles
  • Controlled heating of tissue after iron oxide accumulation

Research applications

  • Quantitative molecular imaging
  • Localised hypothermia

MPI technical specifications

  • Integrated CT module, allowing the exact localisation of functional events
  • HYPER module, offering millimetre heating accuracy and real-time monitoring of the therapeutic heat dose
  • 0-5.7 T/m (variable) field strength
  • X gradient coil set (two individual main coils) magnet configuration
  • Field of view: 6cm x 6cm x 12cm
  • RF transmit strength: >15 mTpeak in (X,Z)
  • 2 transmit channels (X,Z), 2 receive channels (X,Z)
  • Image sequences: 2D projection, 3D tomographic
  • Animal bed with fiducials for multimodal co-registration
  • Isoflurane anaesthesia

Commencing operation soon

The MPI system is due to be operational in late 2020. Researchers who are interested in the MPI instrument can email us for more information and booking enquiries.