User Access Scheme grants awarded

22 June 2021

This year we introduced the Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI) and Alfred Research Alliance–Monash Biomedical Imaging (ARA-MBI) User Access Scheme to promote, facilitate and support high quality research involving the use of the imaging services and expertise at MBI in Clayton and ARA-MBI in Prahran. The scheme was open to all Monash University and Baker IDI researchers.

Congratulations to the following 2021 User Access Scheme recipients:

ProjectRecipient Research type MBI technology to be accessed
Investigating the effects of cardiovascular exercise on the neural mechanisms supporting long-term motor learning Dr Joshua Hendrikse Clinical Skyra 3T MRI, Clayton
Neural dynamics of attention lapses: exploring the region-specific role of slow-wave activity Associate Professor Nao Tsuchiya Clinical Skyra 3T MRI, Clayton
The Support After Stroke with group-based classeS Study – The SASS Study Dr Tharshanah Thayabaranathan Clinical Skyra 3T MRI, Clayton
Monitoring changes in cardiac function (using echocardiography) in combination with BAT and beige fat activity Dr Aneta Stefanidis Preclinical PET-SPECT-CT, Clayton
Implications for female fertility: is the uterine vascular network damaged by cancer treatment? Dr Amy Winship Preclinical PET-SPECT-CT, Clayton
A novel approach to investigate the glymphatic system Dr Akram Zamani Preclinical 9.4T MRI, Clayton
Validation of a new SPECT tracer for a potential cancer theranostic Dr Brett Paterson Preclinical PET-SPECT-CT, Clayton
The effects of early and late treatment of PLX5622 on epilepsy development and associated behavioural deficits Dr Idrish Ali Preclinical Mediso PET-CT ARA-MBI
Targeted Nanoparticles for Detection and Treatment of Cancer Using Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) paired with localised Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia (MFH) Dr Karen Alt Preclinical Magnetic Particle Imaging, ARA-MBI
GENUS: A novel brain stimulation paradigm for Alzheimer’s Disease’ Dr Matt Hudson Preclinical 9.4T MRI, Clayton
Identifying new therapeutic strategies for atrial fibrillation and heart failure Dr Peggy Chen Preclinical Mediso PET-CT ARA-MBI
Developing magnetic resonance imaging to quantify nephron number in living sheep Dr Reetu Singh Preclinical 9.4T MRI & Skyra 3T MRI
Investigate therapeutic efficacy of targeted “smart” young mouse blood-derived exosomes for heart repair’ Dr Rong Xu Preclinical Mediso PET-CT ARA-MBI