Availability of majors, minors and extended majors - Faculty of Science

S2000 Bachelor of Science
S3001 Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours)
S3002 Bachelor of Science Advanced - Research (Honours)

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Areas of study Availability and location
MajorMinor Extended major
Biological and life sciences
Ecology and conservation biology ClaytonClaytonClayton
Genetics ClaytonClayton, MalaysiaClayton
Genomics and bioinformatics# Malaysia  
Plant sciences ClaytonClayton 
Tropical environmental biology# MalaysiaMalaysiaMalaysia
Zoology ClaytonClayton 
Biomedical and behavioural sciences
Applied microbiology*# MalaysiaMalaysia 
Biochemistry ClaytonClaytonClayton
Biotechnology*# Malaysia Malaysia
Developmental biology ClaytonClayton 
Human pathology Clayton  
Immunology ClaytonClaytonClayton
Microbiology ClaytonClaytonClayton
Molecular biology  Clayton 
Pharmacology ClaytonClayton 
Physiology ClaytonClayton 
Psychology Clayton, MalaysiaClayton, MalaysiaClayton, Malaysia
Earth and environmental sciences
Atmospheric science ClaytonClayton 
Environmental science   Clayton
Geographical science ClaytonClaytonClayton
Earth science ClaytonClaytonClayton
Mathematical and computational sciences
Applied mathematics Clayton Clayton
Computational science*** ClaytonClaytonClayton
Financial and insurance mathematics   Clayton
Mathematical statistics ClaytonClaytonClayton
Mathematics ClaytonClaytonClayton
Pure mathematics Clayton Clayton
Physical and chemical sciences
Astrophysics** ClaytonClaytonClayton
Chemistry ClaytonClayton, MalaysiaClayton
Medicinal chemistry# Malaysia   
Physics** ClaytonClaytonClayton

# Only available in S2000 Bachelor of Science.

* Requires specific level one chemistry units.

** Requires specific level one and level two mathematics units.

*** Requires specific level one mathematics units.

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