Operations Team Profiles

Name: Jason Whitaker

Position: Deputy Director Operations

Profile: I have been with Monash University for 22 years since starting in 1997 as an accommodation officer in what was then known as Community Services.  I have held a number of roles at MRS ranging from Assistant Manager to Operations Manager to my current role.  I have also previously been a College Head at the South East Flats and Deakin Hall for 13 years.  I was a student and MRS resident at Monash University from 1993 and completed a Bachelor of Science in 1997.

I am part of the MRS senior management team. I have a drive and passion for building Operations, providing professional and technical services and support to MRS and the residential community.

I manage the following areas:

  • Capital Maintenance program
  • Financial planning, reporting, procurement and budgets
  • Safety, environmental and first aid officer - OHSE
  • Critical Operation incident management
  • MRS website, intranet and technology advancements
  • Technical advice and expertise on a wide range of MRS building operations
  • Policy, procedure, planning documentation and implementation
  • Supervision of the Operations Managers and their teams

Name: Vacant

Position: Senior Manager Operations


Name: Phong Nguyen

Position: Operations Manager, Urban Community Clayton

Profile: A Civil Engineering graduate in 2000, I joined Monash in 2010 after a stint in the private sector.

I enjoy interacting with residents and visitors, to provide the best possible outcome to your problem. I believed living on campus is great place for new experience, new life lessons, new way of thinking and a new way of solving a problem.

I also strongly believe in the power of goodwill and empathy, that everyone has a story to tell, just need someone to listen.

Come chat to us if you have any concern, queries, or just to know more about Monash Residential Services.

Name: Vino Nayagar

Position: Operations Manager, Residential Village Clayton

Profile: I am a Monash University graduate, having completed a Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree in 2010.

Since then, I have held various Operational Management roles within the hotel industry. Through these previous roles, I have developed a passion for customer service and client relations. 

I commenced my role within MRS in 2016 as an Operations Officer and recently took on the role of Manager Operations for the Residential Village.

I look forward to maintaining and improving current residential facilities so as to provide continuous support to the residential community.

Name: Belinda Quenette

Position: Operations Officer

Profile: I have previously completed a Bachelor of Science at Monash University in 2010. I went on to do an Honours year at the former Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research at Monash Medical Centre. I also worked at the institute after my studies.

I then decided to move to the UK and base myself in Edinburgh for 2 years. There I managed a hostel and travelled when I could. In my third year overseas I travelled throughout Europe and immersed myself in different cultures and environments.

Since returning to Australia I have worked in the Hotel industry. I have joined the MRS Operations team in May 2017. I am looking forward to working with the residents to provide a safe and enjoyable living environment.

Name: Eleonora Karakitsios

Position: Operations Officer

Profile: Hi my name is Eleonora Karakitsios I have been with the MRS operations team for 10 years.

Most people call me Elle I have been looking after Briggs and Jackomos Halls for the past 4 years and now working in with the team across our full range of MRS buildings. 

I have a passion for customer service and to provide MRS support for our residential community.

You may see me around doing inspections, working with contractors and talking to residents.

Please come and say hello I always like to have a chat.

Name: Farid Samadifar

Position: Operations Officer

Profile: I moved to Australia to complete my masters at Monash University in 2006. Having a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, I have decided to start a new path in education. Business! Since then, I have completed 2 masters in International Business and Business Law.

During my time at Monash University as a student, I have been involved in different aspects of University life. I was with Monash Postgraduate Association as the Caulfield Campus Representative in 2007 and 2008, Graduate School of Business as the Orientation Program Coordinator in 2008, a Mentor to new International Students with International Student Support Unit in 2007, 2008, and 2009, I have done all these voluntary activities to get the taste of different cultures.
I also have been part of Monash Residential Services family since 2009, when I joined as the Residential Support Assistant of International Mews at Caulfield Campus.

In 2012, I moved to Clayton Campus and commenced my role as the College Head of Normanby House.

I also started a new role with Monash Residential Services as an Operations Officer and I look forward to all the opportunities and challenges within the residential community.

Name: Gayatri Leuva

Position: Operations Officer

Profile: I was born in India, where I lived for most of my life, benefiting from a warm and supporting family, and a city which provided me the sound education and opportunities for personal growth.

I moved in Australia in 2006. I joined Monash University in October 2014 as an operations officer.

I have studied Diploma in Pharmacy, Bachelor of computer applications and Diploma in business management.

Almost 10 years of experience in all different fields including pharmacy, Administration, Assistant Executive in Hospitality industry has proven management skills and in depth knowledge of safety regulations.

I enjoy and very passionate about my role which include making sure that all residents feel safe, comfortable and supported.

Name: Louisa Felsbourg

Position: Operations officer

Profile: I have previously owned multiple Health and Fitness clubs as well as managed Deakin Residential Services where I put resident wellness as my priority.

My back ground in the fitness industry and also the “Arts” leaves me with great attention to detail.

My main focus is giving the best customer service experience I can provide.

This has been successfully translated and I pride myself in providing residential communities with safe, fun and comfortable living.

Name: Richard Simmons

Position: Operations officer

Profile: I have been working with Monash University for 5 years since starting in 2012 as a Building Steward at the campus centre in the Building and Property Division.

Using my skills and experience from my Building Steward position I successfully moved to the Clayton Operations office in May 2105 when I commenced my role as an Operations Officer with Monash Residential Services.

In December 2015, I assisted in opening the new Clayton MRS Halls where I provide professional operations services and support to MRS and the residential community.

I am passionate about providing professional Operational support and services to our residential community

Name: Vincent D’souza

Position: Operations Officer

Profile: I started working with Monash as a casual employee at the Peninsula Campus. This gave me an opportunity to understand the workings of a residential environment.

I was exposed to being at front desk as well as working on the operational side of things. I was later moved to the Clayton campus to help out at the Front desk as well as the Operations department. In July of 2016 I was employed as a permanent employee of MRS in the operations department.

Having a background in the aviation industry as a Flight Attendant for over 15 years, I have a passion for customer service and love meeting people. If you do see me around please come and say hello.

I look forward to working with the residential community and to continue to strive to maintain and improve on the current facilities of MRS.