Short Term Accommodation Terms and Conditions

  1. All bookings must be made by completing an online Short Term Accommodation Booking Request Form.
  2. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your request, however offers of accommodation are dependent on availability of the unit/studio for the period requested.
  3. Visitors (visiting academics/professionals/alliances/alumni/visiting parents/guardians of residents living in on-campus accommodation) to Monash University are eligible for Short Term Accommodation.
  4. The maximum length of Short Term Accommodation bookings is 12 months. Depending on the ongoing availability of accommodation, the Admissions Office may consider a stay longer than 12 months.
  5. Check-out time is 10am and check-in time is 3pm. Prior arrangements need to be made with the Admissions Office for late check-out or early check-in. Additional charges will apply.
  6. Visitors are issued with an invoice (for up to the first 4 weeks of accommodation) within 10 business days following the receipt of a booking confirmation. The invoice will be emailed to you and must be paid, in full, within 7 days of receipt. If the invoice is not paid in full by the due date, the booking will be forfeited and MRS will offer the accommodation to another visitor. The invoice will still be due for payment should a new visitor not be found to take over the residency period.
  7. For cancellation or date change of booking(s) made less than 2 weeks before your arrival, you will be liable for the rent if a new visitor cannot be found to take over the unrequired room.
  8. Those wishing to terminate their occupancy earlier than the dates mentioned in their Residency Agreement must inform the Admissions Office, in writing, 2 weeks prior to the date of departure. Failure to do so will result in the visitor being liable for payment until the termination of their agreement or until a replacement is found, whichever comes first. Example: A visitor with a two month residency, i.e. 1 September until 30 October decides to depart on 15 October. In order not to incur any charges, the visitor must advise the Admissions Office on or before 1 October of the revised departure date.
  9. For reasons of health and safety, the following items are absolutely forbidden at Short Term Accommodation properties:

    • double adaptors and non-Australian power plugs for any electrical devices;
    • personal heaters of any kind, e.g. bar radiators, fan heaters, oil heaters etc.
    • candles, incense or anything that generates a naked flame;
    • missiles, fireworks and firearms;
    • pets or animals.
  10. Visitors are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.
  11. Visitors must not consume alcohol in the courtyards or areas outside their allocated unit or studio.
  12. Visitors must, in their conduct, always show consideration for other residents and for the furniture, property and buildings of Monash Residential Services.
  13. Visitors must keep the Short Term Accommodation unit/house/room occupied by them in good condition. Visitors will be charged for damage that exceeds reasonable wear and tear.
  14. Visitors must not assign, sublet or otherwise part with possession of the Short Term Accommodation occupied by them without written consent of Monash Residential Services.
  15. Visitors are required to pay any legal costs and fees incurred by Monash Residential Services for any legal proceedings that may be required arising out of any breach on the part of the visitor of the Terms & Conditions and Fee Regulations of Short Term Accommodation.
  16. Monash Residential Services reserves the right to remove/dispose of unregistered motor vehicles and their contents from Short Term Accommodation properties; accepts no liability for the removal/disposal of unregistered motor vehicles and their contents from Short Term Accommodation properties.
  17. Monash Residential Services are not responsible in any way for the safekeeping of Visitors' belongings. Belongings left by departing Visitors will, if their owners cannot be contacted and if no prior arrangements have been made, be disposed of immediately.
  18. Monash Residential Services reserves the right of entry to Short Term Accommodation units/houses/rooms by approved staff in approved situations (e.g. health and safety, smoke detector tests, maintenance or in the case of emergency, actual or suspected).
  19. Monash University is a smoke free environment. Short Term Accommodation is a completely smoke free environment. Smoking is restricted to a few designated areas on the campus. Smokers must use the designated smoking points in the outdoor areas if they wish to smoke. See maps showing the location of these points.
  20. Where Monash Residential Services, acting reasonably, forms the view that it was not appropriate for a fire alarm to be activated, Monash Residential Services will issue an invoice to the Visitor who set off a fire alarm (whether they have acted wilfully or negligently) to recover the cost of attendance by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.
  21. Monash Residential Services' Short Term Accommodation is strictly available for booking by persons 18 years of age and over, however guests under the age of 18 years are eligible to occupy the accommodation if accompanied by a parent or guardian for the entire duration of their stay.

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