Halls Cafe

Halls Cafe

MRS Halls Cafe provides healthy, affordable meals to students living on campus at Monash University. Free WiFi is available.


Building 47, 58 College Way, 1-131 Wellington Road, Monash University

Opening hours

Lunch: 12 - 2.30pm Monday to Friday
Dinner: 6 - 8pm Sunday to Friday (Closed Saturday)

Menu and specials
If you want to keep up to date with what is on the menu, or special events and meals at the cafe - like the Halls Cafe Facebook and Halls Cafe Instagram page.


Main meals: $8.35-$8.65 (plus a dinner special offer for $5.70)
Soups, Salads, Focaccia, Wraps and Sandwiches: $3.50-$5.05
Dahl/Daal/Dhal/Dal Meal: $3.00

The Halls Cafe is located next to the Monash Residential Services Administration Office, 58 College Way, and serves as a key dining facility, aiming to provide nutritious, freshly prepared and affordable meals for students living on campus. Large screen TV, phone charging station, free wifi, daily newspapers and board games are provided in the dining room where residents can relax and catch up with friends over a coffee or a meal. A meeting space is also available for study groups and other bookings.

Food in the Halls Cafe is served cafeteria/canteen style from our hot and chilled food counters. 

Lunch choices range from soups, sandwiches, salads, hot snacks and four varieties of hot main meals. The dinner menu expands in the evenings to include up to six varieties of main meals with dessert and side dishes like fries, baked potatoes, salads and steamed vegetables are also available.

Check out the Halls Cafe Facebook page for the weekly dinner menu and latest meal deals for residents.

Halls Cafe

The Halls Cafe is connected to the Monash wireless network which enables residents to use their laptops to study, email or surf the web whilst having a coffee and/or meal. It also serves as our ‘Community Learning Lounge' providing comfortable and learning-conducive ambience for our residents. A phone charging station and numerous power points are available around the Halls Cafe learning lounge areas. Booking is not necessary for the study tables or lounges. Residents can drop in anytime during our opening hours either as a place of solitude or for group study sessions. The Halls Cafe warmly welcomes our residents to utilise the learning lounge facility.

The Halls Cafe has a friendly and inviting atmosphere and is a great place to meet friends and socialise. It supports the enrichment of life within our residential community by connecting and bridging our residential diversity.

Halal Meals

Monash Residential Services recognises that our residents come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions. MRS has successfully engaged Monash University Mosque as our advisory body in the on-going implementation of Halal Assurance System in all aspects of our food preparations. This means any food that is prepared in our kitchen is compliant to the halal guidelines. Monash Halal Assurance System does not replace but acts as a complimentary guideline to the Food Safety Program approved by the City Council.

Golden Plate Award

Every year since 2007, Clayton Residential Halls Cafe has been participating in and successfully received the Golden Plate Award presented by Monash City Council. Eligibility for this annual award requires all food outlet participants to successfully achieve excellence in Healthy Food Options, Hygiene, Safe Food Handling and Environmental Sustainability.


At MRS, we support environmental initiatives that focus on Zero Waste practices, and waste-free dining. This includes eliminating the use of single-use plastic containers and disposable take-away coffee cups.

MRS Hall’s Cafe has partnered with RETURNR, a simple, sustainable solution to take-away dining.

How it works:

  1. Buy your meal at Hall’s cafe and pay a once-off $6 deposit for your RETURNR bowl
  2. Then, simply wash your bowl and return it to Hall’s Cafe when you purchase your next meal, which you will receive in a fresh RETURNR bowl
  3. Repeat this as many times as you like throughout the year
  4. Return your bowl at the end of contract period to get your $6 back, or keep your RETURNR bowl forever!