Monash Phage Foundry

Monash Phage Foundry (MPF)

The Centre to Impact AMR has assembled a team of world-renowned bacteriophage (phage) experts to create a unique Monash Phage Foundry.

The MPF is supplying therapeutic phages to the clinical referral service 'Victorian Phage Therapy Service' (VicPhage) with the support of The Alfred.

We will also service other hospital partners in the Phage Australia Network and other industry sectors with phages and phage-derived products.

We  provide a range  of solutions  to bacterial problems.

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Monash Phage  Foundry

Dr Jeremy Barr

Phage Biology |  Phage Discovery | Phage Production for treatment of Infections

Professor Trevor Lithgow:

Phage Discovery from under-sampled environments |  Phage genomics and structural biology |  Phage binding and adaption to bacterial surfaces | Biobanking

Professor Jian Li  

Innovative phage therapy against multidrug-resistant P. aeruginosa, A. baumannii and K. pneumoniae

Associate Professor Jiangning Song  

Artificial intelligence systems for phage characterization and deployment

Dr Rhys Dunstan  

Phage Discovery and Characterization  |  Phage genomics | Phage-host interactions

Associate Professor Sheena McGowan  

Engineering of Phage-derived products  |  Production of Phage-derived products

Dr Tze Thung  

Phage Discovery from natural environments  |  Phage applications in the food industry

Dr Sue Nang  

Development of therapeutic phages | Drug-resistant P. aeruginosa, A. baumannii and K. pneumoniae


VICPhage - Bacteriophage Therapy referral service

Clinical Lead:  Professor Anton Peleg

Infectious Diseases Clinician |  Treatment options for multi-drug resistant bacterial infections  |  Alfred Health

Dr Fernando Gordillo-Altamirano

Collection of therapeutically relevant bacteriophages | Development of standardised procedures to  produce therapeutic phages to treat critically ill patients

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