Centre to Impact AMR

The Centre to Impact AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) is forging world-leading, sustainable solutions to combat superbugs. We are setting the global agenda in understanding not just drug resistance, but how we can consider the settings - homes, hospitals, urban water flows and agricultural areas - to create safe and healthy environments.

Partnerships and Industry

The Monash Centre to Impact Antimicrobial Resistance works with industry, government and other organisations, through funded collaborative research and provision of contract research services.

Our research partnerships draw on the Centre’s interdisciplinary expertise network of its 25 world-leading research leaders and the research capability provided by the Centre’s Antimicrobial Resistance R&D Facility. This enables our partners to work with us at all stages of the R&D pipeline, from understanding the fundamental biology of Antimicrobial resistance to engineering new detection methods and changing public thinking about AMR.

Beating the superbugs

View the video below to get an insight into the problem the world is facing from the rise of superbugs,
and the approaches Monash researchers are taking to combat this problem.


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