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In the Spotlight

Welcome to Preston

Vincent Chan is a type designer. Part of a small but vibrant local type community, he works primarily with graphic designers, studios and agencies, who commission him to create custom typefaces for their clients.


Home is where the heart is

In 2022, architect Dan McKenna became the CEO of Nightingale Housing, a not-for-profit organisation doing things differently by building homes that are socially, financially and environmentally sustainable.

Beyond the Horizons

We caught up with early career practitioners for a chat about their creative and professional journeys since leaving university. They share formative memories and reflect on transitioning to the creative workforce, landing their first job and building a network of peers.

Genevieve Townsend

"It becomes important to learn how to advocate for your own approach to art making and support artists around you.

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Breaking Ne
ew Paths

Meet three of our best and brightest – contemporary artist Erin Hallyburton, interior architectural designer Ilianna Ginnis, and multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer Safa El Samad – as they tell us about the impressive careers they’re forging through postgraduate and doctoral studies at Monash Art, Design and Architecture.

Safa El Samad

Architecture for the body

“I found fashion design to be the perfect marriage of both designing and being able to make those designs on a scale that was manageable.”

Erin Hallyburton

Material Waste

“My sculptural practice seeks to produce new conceptions of the body and space in contemporary art through the application of a fat critical lens.”

Ilianna Ginnis

Design = Empathy

“This is why empathy in my work as a designer is important – so that I am able to sit and engage with the uniqueness of each individual.”

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Antra Svarcs

Special thanks to the students, alumni and staff of Monash Art, Design and Architecture who shared their stories for HORIZONS