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Congratulations on your offer and welcome to Art, Design and Architecture!

General course information

Units and year level requirements

  • Units are the basic component in which you will enrol to undertake study in your degree.
  • Units have a code (three letters and four numbers) which you need to know when you enrol. The first number of the unit code indicates the year-level of the unit.
    e.g TDN1002 Design and the avant-garde is a first-year undergraduate unit.
  • Most units run for a single semester and are offered at first, second or third-year level. Units are usually worth 6 credit points, although our Studio units are worth 12.
  • Typically, each 6-point unit requires an average total study workload (including classes, assigned work and private study) of 12 hours per week for 12 weeks, or 144 hours in total.

Credit for prior learning

If you have completed academic study at a university level, which you believe is equivalent to any units in your degree, you can apply for either credit or exemptions. If you receive credit, you will be awarded credit points and you will not be required to complete these units.

If instead you are granted exemptions, you will not receive credit points, and you will be required to replace these units with alternative units.

Some students prefer the option of credit as this can allow for a shorter course duration. Other students prefer to have their previous knowledge recognised by receiving exemptions and completing other units in their place. For either option, you will need to submit a credit application.

Already applied?

If you applied for credit as part of your course application, your credit has already been processed and included in your letter of offer. The units you will need to enrol in are listed on your course map, you can mark the units you have been granted credit for on this map.

What if I haven’t applied for credit and want to?

Don't worry, you can still apply for credit. You can also search online for previous credit decisions to give you an idea of what you may be granted.

You don’t need to provide your results of syllabi for any Monash units you have already completed (we have these already). And, if you have already provided academic transcripts online as part of your application, you won’t need to provide these again (we have these too). For units completed at other institutions, we will need you to provide your results and syllabi for each unit you list on your application.

We recommend you submit your credit applications as quickly as possible to allow you plenty of time to change your enrolment prior to the start of the semester.

Select your course below to help you choose the correct units for your enrolment

Each link will direct you to the latest handbook entries and course maps. Please ensure that you read the handbook edition from the year you started your course. If you commence in Semester 2 (July) or October/November, you may find our alternative course maps helpful.

Fine Art



Want to defer your offer?

Have you been accepted into your course but can't make a start this year? If you wish to defer your offer and take up a place next year instead, you can apply online. Head back to the Get Started site to create your account and submit your application in WES.

You can find further information on deferring your offer here.

What next?

Now that you understand your course structure and how credit works, its time to head back to the Get Started page to enrol in your units.

From there you can also order your ID card, create your timetable and explore Orientation activities. Further information is available on our Orientation website.