About us

The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences is one of the 5 Departments comprising the School of Primary and Allied Health Care.

Since its foundation in 1998, the Department has offered a number of accredited and qualifying programs within medical radiations.  These include the four year Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Hons), an articulated Graduate Entry Master of Medical Ultrasound and a Graduate Entry Master of Radiation Therapy.  All of its courses are characterised by an emphasis upon bridging the theory - practice gap and graduating practitioners able to deliver patient centred services from an evidence based perspective.

The courses that lead to registration by the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia provide students with a range of on-campus simulated and immersive experiential opportunities to facilitate effective clinical learning during their off - campus clinical rotations.

The Master of Medical Ultrasound (MMU) program is delivered online, in the workplace and designed to facilitate the development of clinical practice and research skills that are required for appropriately qualified health professionals to become accredited medical sonographers.

The staff in the Department are actively involved in both clinical, educational and laboratory based research and collaborate with many scientific institutions and clinical centres across Australia and overseas.  These activities afford graduates from our courses and other suitably qualified medical radiations' practitioners with a research track record the opportunity to apply for enrolment in either a research based Master of Philosophy or a PhD program through the Department. For more information please visit our research webpage.

The Department has also made a commitment to the ongoing professional development of registered radiographers, radiation therapists and nuclear medicine technologists.  We offer a variety of advanced practice pathways via the Master of Advanced Health Care Practice.  Additionally graduates from our Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Hons) can embark upon a career in forensic medical science in the Master of Forensic Medicine.