The Research Group at the Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences was established in 2005 based on the awareness that research and evidence based medicine are increasingly becoming central components of modern medical imaging practices. This trend comprises diagnostic radiology, radiation therapy and radiation oncology. The department is actively engaged in clinical and laboratory based research studies and aims at fostering a research culture among trainee and practicing radiographers, sonographers and radiation therapists, as well as other professionals affiliated with medical imaging and radiation sciences. Our staff collaborate with a large number of clinical and academic sites across Australia, are involved in a wide range of research studies and supervise a number of higher degree research students (Master of Philosophy and PhD).

The Department currently has a multidisciplinary research program that addresses questions relating to the practice and science of medical imaging.

Research Areas

Clinical Research Group

Group Leader: A/Prof Michal Schneider

Neuroimaging Research Group

Group Leader: A/Prof Michael Farrell

Education Research Group

Group Leader: Prof Marilyn Baird

Imaging Physics Research Group

Group Leader: Dr Matthew Dimmock