Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (honours)

Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging Degree (Honours)

(course code M3006)

Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours) Course Flyer

About the course

Monash University offers a 4 year degree program that encapsulates all the requirements to become a registered radiographer.

The Monash Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours) is an integrated academic and clinical course of 4 years duration. Students enrolled into the BRadMedImag degree course will graduate with Honours. The curriculum is student centered and contextualised to professional learning needs. Units of study are integrated vertically and horizontally in relation to the various imaging modalities studied in the course. For example, students only study cross sectional anatomy when learning about imaging modalities capable of generating cross sectional images. This approach is totally integrated with periods of related clinical studies. Clinical studies are intimately related to the on-campus teaching activities and are undertaken in 2 week or 8 week rotations commencing in the first semester of first year. Students can expect to gain relevant experience at a wide variety of clinical institutions ranging from Victorian Rural and Regional Hospitals to major metropolitan Melbourne Hospitals with placements in Tasmania another feature of the course. The program prides itself on the strong links it seeks and creates between the classroom and the clinical work place.

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INTERNAL COURSE TRANSFER (Current Monash Students Only)

1. Eligibility

Entry into the Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours) program is highly competitive. Applicants considering an Internal Course Transfers must demonstrate that they:

  • Meet the prerequisites as published in the Find a Course
  • Completed at least 48 credit points of study
  • Obtained at least a Distinction (70) average

2. How to apply

Applicants must complete the following:

Applicants will also be required to submit:

  • Original Certified copy of ATAR score
  • Original Certified copy of VCE study score

NB: If you did not complete Year 12 in Victoria, please provide original certified copies of your year 12 studies. 
Applications received after the closing date may not be accepted.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students undertake a clinical site visit prior to submitting an application.

VTAC APPLICANTS (Current Year 12 and Non-Year 12 Applicants)


Students are required to complete a number of pre-clinical checks prior to their first clinical placements. This includes:

  • Police Checks
    Students must have a current police check prior to undertaking their clinical placement. Please refer to the Faculty's Police Check website.

  • Working With Children Checks
    Students must have a current Working With Children check prior to undertaking their clinical placement. Please refer to the Faculty's Working With Children Check website
  • Immunisation and Infection Risk Requirements
    Students undertaking clinical placements as part of their course are required to meet the Faculty's Immunisation and Vaccination Policies and Procedures. Students who are not compliant with the requirements cannot undertake their placement and must understand that this may impede their academic progression. Please refer to the Faculty's Immunisation and Infection Risk website.
  • First Aid
    Students are required to undertake a Level 1 first aid course prior to undertaking their clinical placement. It can be any first aid course that contains CPR and general first aid.


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