Current Higher Degree Research Students

Doctor of Philosophy Caroline Wright, Georgia Halkett, 
Kellie Knight
Exploring the driving factors for clinical radiation therapists' participation in research within Au
Briana  Farrugia Doctor of Philosophy Kellie Knight, Farshad Foroudi, Michael Chao, Richard Khor Evaluation of residual tumour stability and reproducibility and patient comfort in inhale, deep inha
Darren Hunter Doctor of Philosophy Caroline Wright, Nigel Anderson, Richard Oates Overcoming radiation therapy language barriers with the use of an instant translation device [ORBIT]
John McInerney Doctor of Philosophy Jenny Sim, Paul Lombardo, Cynthia Cowling Patient safety in Radiography, patients, practitioners and service managers.
Glenda Mclean Doctor of Philosophy Paul Lombardo, Atul Malhotra, Michael Ditchfield Optimising the use of cranial ultrasound to screen for preterm brain injury
Ashley Ong Doctor of Philosophy Kellie Knight, Matthew Dimmock, Jeffrey Tuan Predictive Modelling for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning and Dose Escalation in Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer
Beverley Pearce Master of Philosophy Jenny Sim, Cynthia Cowling, Ngoc Bich Van Nguyen, Jo-Anne Pinson Integration of Advanced Practice Radiographers within Emergency Department Fast-Track workflow - a
Nabita Singh Doctor of Philosophy Matthew Dimmock, Sharna Jamadar, Stuart Mazzone The role of ATP-sensitive cough neural pathways in patients with chronic cough hypersensitivity
Drew Smith Doctor of Philosophy Jenny Sim, Kellie Knight, Vincent Khoo, Farshad Foroudi Quality Radiotherapy for Anal Canal Cancer
Imelda Williams Doctor of Philosophy Marilyn Baird, Michal Schneider Communicating for patient safety: issues and challenges for radiographers in Australia.
Janice Yeh Master of Philosophy Jenny Sim, Farshad Foroudi, Michael Chao, Sweet Ping Ng Contouring concordance comparing hyaluronic acid fiducial marker with surgical clips for post-lumpectomy tumour bed delineation in breast cancer