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The Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences as part of the development of its undergraduate program, the Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging, and Post Graduate Initiatives, maintains teaching and learning resources to service both its teaching and research.  The Department is located on the first floor of Building 13C within  the  Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences teaching precinct  on  the Clayton Campus.

Radiography Skills Labs

The Department utilises a new Radiology facility on the  ground floor of Building 13D and a new medical ultrasound facility on  level one of Building 13C.  The Radiology facility is designed to model a  hospital radiology department including patient reception and waiting  areas, tutorial spaces and a departmental office.  The facility features  three x-ray rooms incorporating two fixed hospital x-ray systems, a  C-arm fluoroscopy system and a mobile x-ray.  In addition, the facility  has a Agfa computed radiography (CR) system for processing the x-ray  images and a Philips Brilliance Workspace Portal PACS (picture archiving  and communication system) for extensive image handling capability. The Brilliance Portal drives numerous student workstations providing ready student access to images generated within the facility as well as from our affiliated hospitals.

These clinical quality radiographic facilities are used in practical teaching of radiation and radiographic methods.  Under supervision from radiographers, students learn radiographic practice using an anthropomorphic phantom (a model patient with artificial bones and organs) and carry out experiments related to the physics of radiographic imaging.  Simulation software also enables students to practise obtaining images with correct exposure under differing conditions and to minimise patient radiation dose.  The Brilliance Portal, apart from providing extensive image processing and three dimensional imaging capability, will support research in various fields of medical imaging.

The new medical ultrasound facility comprises four clinical quality Philips ultrasound systems.  The facility has been designed to simulate the clinical setting and facilitate the development of abdominal scanning skills through hands-on practical training.  All laboratory teaching sessions are supervised by accredited medical sonographers. The facility is also used for ultrasound related research projects.

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