Higher Degree Research Graduates

YearNameThesisThesis title
 Andrew BickellMaster of PhilosophyInvestigation of inappropriate imaging at an Australian public hospital network
 Abubakar AbubakarDoctor of PhilosophyDiffuse Noxious Inhibitory Control of Cough and the Urge to Cough
 Assema LalzadDoctor of PhilosophyCranial ultrasound of the newborn: knowledge, practice and safety
 Catherine OsborneDoctor of PhilosophyA qualitative investigation into radiation therapy student experiences of using a cloud based radiation therapy treatment planning system.
 Katrina WestDoctor of PhilosophyOptimisation of radiation therapy planning in patients with breast cancer
 Sihao LinDoctor of PhilosophyDifferentiating the cause of intracranial haemorrhage
2021Kristie MatthewsDoctor of PhilosophyImplementing Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice: A Grounded Theory Study
2021Daryl LimjoonDoctor of PhilosophyLocally advanced prostate cancer: Treatment with precision radiotherapy (intensity modulated radiotheraphy and image guided radiotherapy)
2020James JacksonDoctor of PhilosophyThe Impact of Pre-Radiotherapy Imaging Volumetrics on Disease Control and Dysphagia in Head and Neck Cancer
2020Daniel PhamDoctor of Philosophy4D Image-Guided Linac Based Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Treatment for Primary Renal Cell Carcinoma
2020Shawna FarquharsonDoctor of PhilosophyClinical Applications of Advanced Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Methods
2019Carlos Pena SolorzanoDoctor of PhilosophyCharacterisation of organs in a post-mortem computed tomography database using machine learning
2019Daniel SapkaroskiDoctor of PhilosophyAn evaluation of the effectiveness of an immersive virtual reality medical imaging simulation tool in preparing students for clinical practice
2019Nigel AndersonDoctor of PhilosophyImproving Dysphagia Quality of Life Outcomes in Patients Receiving Head and Neck Radiotherapy
2018David RobinsonDoctor of PhilosophyThe Application of Ultrasound in the Imaging of Impingements of the Shoulder and Native and Post-Arthroplastic Hip
2018Pei Ping Eric PangDoctor of PhilosophyEvaluation of the use of a non-invasive 4D ultrasound Clarity system in real-time tracking of the target volume in prostate radiation therapy.
2017Dhafer Mohammed S AlahmariDoctor of PhilosophyCharacterisation of The Microstructural Changes in The Brain Caused by Ventilation-Induced Injury in The Preterm Sheep Neonate, Using Clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2017Paolo LombardoDoctor of PhilosophyA serial ultrasound investigation of the effects of moderate preterm birth on the cardiovascular system and kidneys of sheep from birth to adulthood.
2017Elisabeth Van DykDoctor of PhilosophyUltrasound based brachytherapy in the treatment of cervix cancer
2017Richard OatesDoctor of PhilosophyMargin Reduction in Prostate Radiation Therapy
2016Jason CallahanDoctor of PhilosophyClinical indications for 4D-PET/CT in lung cancer diagnosis and radiation therapy
2015Caroline HancockDoctor of PhilosophyFitness to practise: exploring radiation therapists' reporting preferences for departures from optimal professional behaviour
2015Chin Chin OoiDoctor of PhilosophyAxial-strain sonoelastography of the Achilles tendinopathy: Diagnosis, prevention and treatment monitoring.
2015Jonathan McConnellDoctor of PhilosophyCan radiographer musculo-skeletal trauma radiograph interpretation re-postion the profession in Australian healthcare?
2012Mark NgoDoctor of PhilosophyAn exploratory study of the attitudes of Australian radiography students towards the use of assistive transfer devices in the clinical setting.
2010Jeremy GrahamDoctor of PhilosophyThe application of computerized tomography to the dental ageing of children and adolescents.
2009Sarah EverittDoctor of PhilosophyRadiation therapy for non-small cell lung cancer: the role of combined molecular and anatomical imaging.
2007Julie GreggDoctor of PhilosophyPlantar plate of the lesser metatarsophalangeal joints: sonographic evaluation and correlation with MRI, histology and direct inspection.
2006Kara BaczkowskiDoctor of PhilosophyMuscles used to kick an Australia Rules football: an analysis using magnetic resonance imaging