We are the second largest school within the Monash University Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences

Our principal role is to conduct research and to train undergraduate and postgraduate students in public health and preventive medicine

We are Faculty’s principal source of skills in epidemiology (including clinical epidemiology), biostatistics and large scale clinical data-management. Particular expertise in large epidemiological studies, multicentre clinical trials, clinical registries, evidence synthesis and health social science.

We work closely with the major Monash affiliated hospitals, research institutes and public health units within Victoria. Our skills provide a key resource underpinning translational research within our Faculty.

Research focus

Our research focuses on several of the School is the prevention of disease and disability through a commitment to education, innovation, leadership, and research. Our research focuses on several of the principal agendas of healthcare including:

  • chronic disease prevention
  • health promotion
  • increasing the evidence base of healthcare
  • improving quality and safety of healthcare
  • advancing health information technology; improving cost-effectiveness
  • prolonging disability free survival amongst the elderly
  • Improving the care of the critically ill and injured
  • reducing adverse health impacts of the environment and the workplace
  • maintaining good research practice, including authorship, collaboration, supervision, research ethics and agreements.

Our teaching includes:

  • Undergraduate MBBS
  • Undergraduate B Biomed Science
  • B Health Science
  • Hons
  • PhD
  • Dr Public Health
  • MPH
  • Master of Philosophy