Monash Intercultural Lab

As a Monash student, you are part of a globalised community. Your student experience will be shaped by a diverse range of people - whether you are on campus at Monash, on exchange overseas, or travelling during our breaks. But how can you be effective in this multicultural environment?

Being a global citizen is a crucial attribute for successful leaders. Being culturally aware will allow you to communicate effectively, as well as anticipate, correctly interpret, and adjust to the culturally defined habits of the people around us.


The Monash intercultural lab coordinates a suite of units available across a range of master's degree programs.

Graduate units

  • APG5470 Managing multicultural teams*
  • APG5471 Leadership in intercultural environments*
  • APG5652 Language and intercultural communication
  • APG5875 Introduction to translation studies
  • APG5876 Online collaborative translation practices
  • APG5611 Screen translation
  • APG5603 Translating in global markets
  • APG5608 Translating literary and cultural narratives
  • MGF5640 Cross-cultural management communication
  • EDF5640 Language, culture and curriculum

*These units are offered as Professional enhancement units in all Arts masters by coursework programs. Please refer to the 2021 handbook for more information.

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