Volunteer Resident Advisor Recruitment

Cody Fryar
"I have received some amazing training which has helped immensely as I feel more confident, both as a person and as a member of the community"

Cody Fryar

Volunteer Resident Advisor roles

Each residence at Monash University has a team of volunteer Resident Advisors (RAs) providing support, engagement and development to their residential community. In addition, a number of Central volunteer Resident Advisors lead committees to facilitate events, initiatives and programs for the entire MRS community.

Role Profiles

Central roles

Residential roles

Becoming a Volunteer Residential Advisor

Volunteer Resident Advisor Applications for the following year open in August of the current year.

Current residents will receive emails with further details and an invitation to attend information sessions in their hall. All successful applicants are required to attend training in the last 3 weeks in November.

If you are applying to live on-campus and have had previous residential leadership experience, please email mrs-rsto@monash.edu for further information.

Program Benefits

  • Contribute to community development and social change
  • Form friendships with like-minded students from different faculties
  • Access to specialised training programs
  • Develop your leadership, communication and teamwork skills
  • Gain valuable experience for your CV
  • Participation recorded on your Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement
  • Receive a Resident Advisor Scholarship in recognition of your contribution to MRS

Volunteer Resident Advisor Scholarship

Current residents of MRS who apply for a leadership role within the community and are selected as volunteer Resident Advisors may be eligible for a Resident Advisor Scholarship. Please review the eligibility requirements prior to submitting an application.

For more more information contact mrs-rsto@monash.edu