Resident Advisor Recruitment

Cody Fryar
"I have received some amazing training which has helped immensely as I feel more confident, both as a person and as a member of the community"

Cody Fryar

Resident Advisor roles

Each residence at Monash University has a team of Resident Advisors (RAs) providing support, engagement and development to their residential community. In addition, a number of Central Resident Advisor positions lead committees to facilitate events, initiatives and programs for the entire MRS community.

Role Profiles

Central roles

Residential roles

Becoming a Residential Advisor

To be eligible for a Resident Advisor role and retain a scholarship, students need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or holder of a permanent resident visa or humanitarian visa, or
  • Be an international student, and;
  • Be a current full-time undergraduate, honours or postgraduate student enrolled at a Monash campus in Australia. Part-time load will be considered with the approval of the Director MRS, and;
  • Be a current resident with MRS, and;
  • Remain in residency with MRS and;
  • Maintain a full-time enrolment. Part-time load will be considered with the approval of the Director MRS, and;
  • Not be in breach of any current MRS Conditions of Residency and;
  • Maintain a minimum of a pass weighted average mark of 50%, and;
  • Maintain the support of the Residence’s College Head as an appropriate, community leader in their Residence.
  • Adhere to the MRS RA Expectations outlined in the Role profiles above.

Program Benefits

  • Contribute to community development and social change
  • Form friendships with like-minded students from different faculties
  • Access to specialised training programs
  • Develop your leadership, communication and teamwork skills
  • Gain valuable experience for your CV
  • Participation recorded on your Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement
  • Receive a Resident Advisor Scholarship in recognition of your contribution to MRS

Application process

August 2020 - Hurdle 1
Attend a Resident Advisor information session in your hall

Prepare for your application

  • Apply for a Unique Student Identifier
  • Apply for a Volunteer Working with Children Check
  • Create a myDevelopment profile. Go to MyMonash> Research tile> MyDevelopment . Your first access attempt to myDevelopment via the my.Monash portal will initiate the creation of a myDevelopment profile supported by single-sign-on.
Submit an RA Application form (see bottom of page)
September 2020 - Hurdle 2
If successful, attend an interview
Receive notification of the outcome of your interview

If successful in receiving a nomination, complete mandatory training:

  • RA Induction
  • Connecting Across Cultures
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Indigenous Cultural Awareness
  • Livingworks Start (Suicide Alertness training)
  • Mental Health First Aid (eLearning component)
  • Queer 101
  • Submit a biography and photo
October to December 2020 - Hurdle 3

If successful in passing first two training hurdles, complete mandatory training:

  • BRIGHT - Bystander, Respect, Intimate Partner Violence, Gender, Higher Education Training
  • Food Safety
  • Identify and Notify (responding to incidents)
  • Mental Health First Aid (facilitated component)
  • RA Training Summit (Note: the Summit will be presented in a modified form in 2020)
  • Vicarious Resilience Training

Apply online

The application periods are:

Central roles
17 August to 23 August, 2020

Residential roles
24 August to 30 August, 2020