Engagement and collaboration

We are Australia’s largest provider of tertiary level marketing. However, the marketing research and education challenges facing businesses and the broader community are larger. To support our staff and students to play an active role in solving these challenges, we create a range of opportunities that raise awareness of these key issues and explore ways to build partnerships with industry, governments and the community.

Our engagement initiatives include:

  • Research collaborations
  • Global study program in marketing
  • Internship in marketing
  • ACRS research seminars
  • Monash Marketing Business Breakfast
  • Sponsored industry initiatives.

Research collaborations

We engage in research collaborations in a number of ways. The Australian Consumer, Retail and Services research unit (ACRS) is our commercial research arm that facilitates collaborative opportunities. The ACRS uses its 35 plus years of experience in the retail and consumer space to conduct research on behalf of its clients and shares these research findings by hosting events including Retail Thought Leadership forum, Consumer Insights event and the Global Retail Index review (a survey of top retail CEO's).

In addition to ACRS, our academic researchers engage with other institutions to address local community and global issues. Our ground breaking work with the International Water Centre (IWC) delivered improved health and well-being for improvised Pacific Island communities by developing better hygiene practices designed to ensure the sustained use of safe water and sanitation.

Global study program in marketing

Our Global study programs in marketing unit is a value-adding engagement initiative between industry and students. Offered on an annual basis, this unit provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to travel to either Europe or China where they visit brands that have a global footprint. The benefit to our students – they hear first-hand from senior company executives who provide rich insight into the challenges of competing in a global market within different cultural contexts. The benefit to engaged companies – they gain a range of work shopped strategies from students with a fresh perspective and open minds.

Marketing internship

Available to final year students in their business degree, our Marketing internship unit is designed to provide our:

  • Industry partners with marketing students who are work-ready and highly skilled, and our
  • Students with relevant workplace experience.

Monash Marketing Business Breakfast

For 10 plus years we’ve hosted our Monash Marketing Business Breakfast event where we invite business leaders to speak about challenges that their business faces – often through a marketing lens. Hosted twice a year, topics covered include:

  • Delivering Growth: The business challenge
  • Marketing Sport: A business, a passion, a challenge
  • Doing business with China: Chasing prosperity.

Industry engagement

  • Sponsor of the Direct Marketing Forum
  • Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Corporate Member