Active researchers

Our active researchers have a variety of areas of interest. They also supervise our PhD students.

Dr Erica Brady
Theory construction, Measurement, Market orientation, Not for profit marketing.

Dr Yimin Cheng
Consumer judgment and decision making,  Consumer lay beliefs.

Dr Angela Cruz
Marketing, branding, and consumption practices in the context of super-diversity, transnationalism, and globalisation. Visual aesthetics in technology branding and consumption. Transnational consumption and marketing of Korean pop (K-pop)

Professor Tracey Danaher
Services marketing, Health care marketing and Media planning, including Service quality and Satisfaction, Economic and social outcomes of services, Relationship development, Co-creation in service contexts, Advertising research.
Professor Peter Danaher
Marketing models, Advertising effectiveness, Television audience measurement, Services marketing, E-commerce.
Dr Sophie Feng
B2B-Services marketing, Econometric modelling of CRM, Direct marketing, New product diffusion, Pricing, Not-for-profit marketing
Dr Luke Greenacre
Consumer attention and perception, Consumer numeracy.
Dr Samir Gupta
Business to business marketing, Strategic marketing management, E-business strategies, Performance measures and Marketing in network organisation, Macromarketing (issues, climate, water).
Dr Yongfu He
Consumer behaviour in online auction, Consumer learning, Pricing and promotional strategies. My research methodology is quantitative.
Dr Sudha Mani
B2b Marketing, Franchising, Sales management, Marketing Strategy
Associate Professor Jasmina Ilicic
Branding (Phonology in Brand Names, Brand Authenticity, Co-Branding, and Consumer-Brand Relationships) and Advertising (Spokespeople and Celebrity Endorsers).
Associate Professor Colin Jevons
Branding, Sustainability, Communications (publishing, political marketing, teaching and pedagogy, e-communications, international).

Professor Hean Tat Keh
Consumer psychology in the contexts of sustainable marketing, healthcare marketing, and services marketing. As a guide, please see my recent publications in these areas.

Dr Junzhao Ma
Empirical microeconomic research, Choice modelling.
Professor Felix Mavondo
Marketing orientation, Resources and capabilities, Relationship marketing, Corporate branding, Tourism.
Dr Bora Min
Consumer novelty seeking, Effects of perceived control on consumer behaviors, Effects of self-awareness on product engagement, Consumers' online review/rating behaviors
Associate Professor Fiona Newton
Consumer psychology, Behaviour change communication, Health promotion, Sustainability.
Professor Harmen Oppewal
Consumer decision making, Choice modelling, Retail marketing, Leisure and urban planning, Retail location, Assortments, Branding, Store atmosphere, Research methods.
Dr Davide Orazi
Social marketing and narrative theory.
Dr Pingping Qiu
Consumer psychology, Self-concept in consumer behaviour, Emotions, Green marketing
Dr Stephen Saunders
Services marketing, Consumer decision making, Marketing to poor consumers, Multivariate analysis.
Dr Gerri Spassova
Consumer behaviour, Information processing, Choice, Judgement and decision making.
Associate Professor Srinivas Sridharan
Market orientation, Organizational learning, Sales force management, New product development, B2B relationships, Marketing and developing countries (Sustainability, Poverty, Entrepreneurship), Marketing and Public Policy (e.g. product safety and consumer literacy).
Dr Stanislav Stakhovych
Marketing models, Online retailing, Customer base analysis, Spatial models in marketing, Bayesian methods.
Dr Satheesh Seenivasan
Retailing (private label brands, store traffic, retail competition, consumer behaviour, pricing). Marketing models (choice models, learning models, dynamic linear models, time series analysis). Macro level factors influencing consumer behaviour (globalization, recession, socio-economic environment).
Dr Dominic Thomas
Social Influences in consumer behaviour, Application of choice modelling to policy issues, New product development, Internet marketing, Policy implications of Internet adoption and use.
Associate Professor Dewi Tojib
Consumer behaviour, E-commerce, M-commerce, Impact of technology use, Adoption of new technology, Services marketing.
Associate Professor Yelena Tsarenko
Consumer psychology, Services marketing.
Dr Jeff Wang
Relationship marketing and strategy, Retailing and franchising, Socio-cultural aspects of marketing, Branding.