Retailing and services marketing

The department has a research unit that specifically operates in this area called the Australian Consumer. It looks at how and where they are produced, marketed, distributed and consumed. Product offers can range from physical products, like packaged goods, to intangible products, such as financial services or travel. An important aspect is how consumers experience product offers before, during and after access or consumption.

The department has a  research unit related that specifically to operates in this area called the Australian Consumer and Retail Studies unit (ACRS; previously: Australian Centre for Retail Studies).  The ACRS is a commercially based unit within the  department with extensive expertise in consumer, retail, and services  expertise. It conducts research for major domestic and international organisations and organises industry events. Find out more about ACRS.

Research activities in retailing and services marketing focuses on the following themes:

  • consumer shopping behaviour
  • customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • financial services
  • health services
  • international retailing
  • loyalty programs
  • online services and online customer value analysis
  • price perceptions
  • product and store brand names
  • service-scapes and service encounters
  • store atmosphere and the retail experience.

Our research in retailing and services marketing has been published in several A* and A ranked journals.

Recent papers