Grants and awards

Interdisciplinary Research Grant

Associate Professor Yelena Tsarenko is leading a team of researchers from Monash University's Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Natural Sciences. They received a grant for their project Social determinants of wellbeing for ethnic women: improving support services for recent migrants.

The overarching aim of this project is to enhance the accessibility, acceptability and appropriateness of support services to women who have recently arrived to Australia.

Based on an evaluation of currently available support services, a comprehensive gender-oriented framework will be developed. This project, conducted in a partnership with Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women's Coalition (VIRWC), responds to a federal government strategic research priority to promote population health and wellbeing.

Harnessing recreational infrastructure to improve physical activity and community wellbeing

Physical inactivity is prevalent in Australia and is a significant contributor to the nation’s burden of chronic disease. Increasing the availability of recreational infrastructure could, however, positively influence levels of physical activity.

To address this question, a cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional team of researchers developed the MOVE study to examine the impact that a major recreational and aquatic centre has on physical activity and wellbeing in the community. Despite the costs associated with this type of modification to the built environment of a community, there has been surprisingly little research examining whether such facilities ameliorate low physical activity levels within the areas they service. The MOVE study is examining this issue and testing the additional impacts of using marketing strategies to boost recreational centre usage. The results from this research will inform future initiatives aimed at multiplying the health benefits of public investments in recreational infrastructure.

Authors: Smith, B; Ewing, Mike; Newton, Fiona; Donovan, R; Bauman, A; Mahal, A; Mackay, B.

Grant awarded in 2013

Econometric Models for Marketing Decision Making

The purpose of this study is to develop methods to more efficiently allocate marketing resources across a range of media, including new media, such as the internet and social media, and compare them with traditional media such as television and newspapers. To achieve this, we propose to develop new methods and econometric models that employ data that capture both exposure to advertising media and downstream purchases at the individual-level. The expected outcome is that Australian companies will make more efficient use of their marketing budget, and better assess how to integrate new and old media into multimedia marketing communication campaigns.

Authors: Peter Danaher, Tracey Danaher and Harald van Heerde.

Grant awarded in 2013