Marketing competencies survey

We are asking for assistance with research that explores marketing competencies. Let us explain in more detail why we are asking for your input:

The marketing education provided by the Department of Marketing at Monash University must remain relevant to the needs of the marketplace. By asking you about the academic and professional marketing experience a company desires or expects, we will be able to understand more about what marketing skills are needed, and therefore what graduates of marketing degrees need to learn.

The specific purpose of our research is:

  • To look at what knowledge, skills and competencies are required in a marketing career today.

The survey lists a wide range of skills, attributes and competencies that a Marketing Manager, with around four to five years experience, would be expected to exhibit. The survey comprises two columns, and asks you to rate each item:

  • firstly, for marketing managers with five years experience; and
  • secondly, for new graduates with no experience.

Confidentiality in research is important and the survey does not ask you to disclose individual names or companies, it only asks for some general information about your current position and your experience. However, also in the interests of confidentiality, only aggregated data and coded responses will be included in research reports.

If you are willing to participate in our study, please select the "Proceed to Survey" button below to move on to the survey. By making this selection you are indicating that you believe yourself to be fully informed about the research and what it entails and you are giving your consent to participate. You can of course leave the research process at any time by selecting the "Back" button on your browser. To send the completed survey to us select the "Submit Survey" button. The survey will be gathered on a Monash University server and accessed only by members of the research team. A summary of the results will be made available on the AMI website in due course.

You can complain about the study if you do not like something about it. To complain about the study, you need to phone +61 3 9905 2052. You can then ask to speak to the Secretary of the Human Ethics Committee and tell him or her the number of the project (2002/641). You could also write to the Secretary:

The Secretary
The Standing Committee on Ethics in Research Involving Humans
PO Box 3A
Monash University Vic 3800
Tel: +61 3 9905 2052
Fax: +61 3 9905 1420

If you would like any further information on this project, please contact Peter Wagstaff.

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