Simoa HD-X Analyzer

What is the SIMOA?

SIMOA stands for SIngle MOlecule Array. The SIMOA is a sensitive digital immunoassay platform for measurement for fluid biomarkers. The Simoa HD-X enables best-in-class assay performance for quantification of protein biomarkers in small volumes of serum, plasma or cerebrospinal fluid. A broad menu of single- and multi-plex assays are available across several areas of medical research, including neurology, oncology, cardiology, inflammation and infectious disease.

How does it work?

The unparalleled sensitivity and specificity of the HD-X platform is enabled by the ability to trap single protein molecules with first-class class antibodies coupled to paramagnetic beads in femtolitre-sized wells. This innovative technology allows for a digital readout of each individual bead to determine if it is bound to the target analyte. As such, the sensitivity of Simoa HD-X assays can be 1000 times greater than conventional immunoassays, and previously undetectable quantities of proteins are able to be accurately measured. Reproducibility of the Simoa HD-X is unmatched, with intra- and inter-assay coefficient of variation typically less than 5%.

SIngle MOlecule Array (SIMOA)

SIMOA in action

Who is able to access it?

Internal and external, academic and industry collaborations are welcomed.

Are there costs associated with using the equipment for analysis?

Costs associated with Simoa HD-X biomarker quantification are dependent on the protein/s of interest and the nature and number of samples to be analysed. Enquiries to Dr Stuart McDonald (see contact details at right). Download flier (pdf, 648 kb)

We acknowledge funding support for the Simoa HD-X Analyser through the NHMRC Equipment Grants scheme.