Research themes

The Department of Neuroscience, in strong partnership with the Alfred Health Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Radiology and Psychiatry, has 22 different research groups and over 200 staff and students. We do basic/fundamental and clinical neuroscience research and research training relevant to a broad range of neurological and related disciplines, including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and other neuroinflammatory conditions, neuroophthalmology, headache and pain, neuroimaging, neuromuscular disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, dementing disorders, neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders, brain tumours, stroke and traumatic brain injury/spinal cord injury.

Research themes list


Rubina Alpitsis
Alpitsis group

Neuropsychology, neurological diseases
Nigel Jones
Jones group

Epilepsy, Neuropharmacology
Bianca Jupp
Jupp Group
Cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, Addiction, Impulsivity, Neuroimaging, Neuropharmacology

Brain injury and trauma

Peter Batchelor
Batchelor group

Spinal cord injury, Decompressive Surgery, Hypothermia, Trauma/ Neurotrauma
Stephen Davies
Davies group

Spinal cord injury, Decompressive Surgery, Hypothermia, Trauma/ Neurotrauma
Sandy Shultz
Monash Trauma Group

Traumatic brain injury, concussion, mild traumatic brain injury, PTSD, epilepsy, polytrauma, fracture, muscle injury, heterotopic ossification, pain
Bridgette Semple
Semple group

Neurotrauma, traumatic brain injury, inflammation, epilepsy, animal models, behaviour, paediatric


Patrick Kwan
Kwan group

Epilepsy, Neurology, Outcomes research, Genomics, Biomedical engineering, Translational medicine, Precision medicine, Pharmacogenetics
Terence O'Brien
O’Brien group

Epilepsy, Neuropharmacology

Perucca group

Multiple Sclerosis / Neuroimmunology

Helmut Butzkueven
Butzkueven group

Clinical, translational neuroimmunology, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Glial Biology, Genetics, MSBase
Vilija G. Jokubaitis
Jokubaitis group

Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroimmunology, Genetics, Prognostics, Pharmacogenomics, Pregnancy, Women’s Health, Biostatistics, Epidemiology
Mastura Monif
Monif group

Neurology, Neuroimmunology, Neuroinflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, Autoimmune Encephalits, Gliomas, Microglia, Purinergic Receptors
Anneke van der Walt
Van Der Walt group

Multiple sclerosis, Neuroopthalmology


Kelly Bertram
Bertram group

Parkinson’s Disease, Movement Disorders, Atypical Parkinsonism, Dystonia, Tremor, Deep Brain Stimulation surgery
Elspeth Hutton
Hutton group

Peripheral neuropathy, pain, headache
Steven Petratos
Petratos group

Stem cell therapies, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis


Scott Kolbe
Kolbe group

Brain Imaging, biomarkers, multiple sclerosis, visuomotor neuroscience, ultrahigh field MRI
Meng Law
Law group

Brain tumours, Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Ageing, Neuroimaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Artificial Intelligence (AI)
David Wright E
Wright group

Imaging, Biomarkers, MRI, PET, CT, FLECT, Image Analysis


Jo Fielding
Fielding / White group

Human Behaviour, Human System Disorders, MRI Techniques, Multiple Sclerosis, Neurocognitive Processes, Neuroimaging, Ocular Motor System


Abbott group
Geoff Cloud
Cloud group

Stroke, cerebrovascular disease, vertebrobasilar, carotid, stroke recovery, stroke rehabilitation

Lannin group