Fielding/White group

Ocular Motor Research group

Key terms

Human Behaviour, Human System Disorders, MRI Techniques, Multiple Sclerosis, Neurocognitive Processes, Neuroimaging, Ocular Motor System.

The group

2019 Fielding-White group. L-R: Ms Elisha Papdemitriou, Ms Paige Foletta, Dr Hue Mun Au Yong, Prof Owen White, Ms Sylvia Dymmock, Ms Georgia Fuller Symons, Ms Emma Solly, A/Prof Joanne White, Dr Meaghan Clough, Dr Wendy Wang.

Meet the team

Research Fellow

Doctoral students

  • Dr Hue Mun Au Yong
  • Ms Paige Foletta
  • Ms Georgia Fuller Symons
  • Ms Emma Solly
  • Dr Wendy Wang (Masters)
  • Ms Charmaine Diep
  • Ms Pippa Iva
  • Ms Jinny Collet

Honours students

  • Jade Bartholomew
  • Thomas Cahir
  • Jacob Carmichel

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Research Overview

The group’s research entails an investigation of the ocular motor system as a means of developing an understanding of neurocognitive processes fundamental to normal human behaviour, and how these processes may be, or become, dysfunctional. The work combines a range of sophisticated approaches (ocular motor, neuropsychological and neuroimaging), and primarily explores (dys) function in human lesion and system disorders. Establishing the clinical utility of ocular motor measures is a primary goal of the research, translating research outcomes into clinical practice.

This entails developing and applying methods that can:

  • sensitively measure disease severity and evolution
  • evaluate the efficacy of treatment
  • advance our understanding of the neurobiological bases of phenotypically similar conditions.

News updates


Current Project Funding

  • 2019 Elucidating the neuropathophysiology of visual snow
    Chief Investigators: Fielding, J & White, O.
    Funding Source: Visual Snow Initiative
    Funding amount; $140,267
  • 2017-21 Ocular motor assessment as an extension of the neurological examination in multiple sclerosis
    Chief Investigators:Fielding, J
    Funding Source:Genzyme Corporation
    Funding Amount:$ 668,545
  • 2015-19 Correlation of structure and function in the brain in Multiple Sclerosis: is fingolimod neuroprotective?
    Chief Investigators:  White, O., Fielding, J.
    Funding Source:Novartis
    Funding Amount:$476,722
  • 2016-20 Correlation of structure and function in multiple sclerosis
    Chief Investigators:  White, O., Fielding, J. Clough, M.
    Funding Source:Cabrini Foundation Clinical Research Grant
    Funding Amount:$29,830.00

Available student research projects

Selected Recent Publications

See recent publications for Jo Fielding in the Monash RSS feed immediately below, at PubMed Fielding J + Monash and select list further down.

  • Ternes, A-M., Clough, M, Foletta, P., White, O., & Fielding, J. (2019). Characterisation of inhibitory failure in Multiple Sclerosis: Evidence of impaired conflict resolution. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 41(3):320-329.
  • Lindor, E., Rinehart, N., & Fielding, J. (2019). Distractor inhibition in autism spectrum disorder: evidence of a selective impairment for individuals with co-occurring motor difficulties. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 49(2):669-682.
  • Lindor, E., Rinehart, N., & Fielding, J. (2018). Superior visual search and crowding abilities are not characteristic of all individuals on the autism spectrum. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 48(10):3499-3512.
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