SERIAS study

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Validation of Seizure-Related Impairment Assessment Scale study

This research is funded by a grant from LivaNova.

The purpose of this study is to validate a new questionnaire that measures the burden of seizures and seizure treatment side-effects from the perspective of people living with epilepsy.

The Seizure-Related Impairment Assessment Scale (SERIAS) has been initiated and developed by a team of senior researchers. It will be validated in this Monash University study, led by Dr Emma Foster and a team of highly experienced researchers.

Once validated, clinicians will be able to use SERIAS to balance the impact of seizures against the impact of treatments for individual patients, and to see whether their impairment improves, worsens, or stays the same over time and across different treatment regimens. SERIAS will also help researchers understand whether there is a predictable change in side effects with increasing treatment dosing, and if that measures up against the benefits of seizure freedom.


Meet the team

Senior study coordinator

  • Alison Conquest

What’s involved?

We are inviting people who attend The Alfred and The Royal Melbourne Hospital Epilepsy Programs to take part in this study. Participation will involve completing questionnaires at 3 time points over a 6 month period.

Institutions involved

Monash University

Alfred Health