The breadth and depth of Monash psychology research is significant, with our staff engaged across the following research programs:

  • Addiction and Mental Health
  • Ageing and Neurodegeneration
  • Brain Injury and Rehabilitation
  • Brain Mapping and Modelling
  • Neurodevelopment
  • Sleep and Circadian Rhythms

These research areas are showcased within the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health (housed within the School of Psychological Sciences), the Faculty of Education and Monash University Malaysia.

Research programs

Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health

The Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health brings together world-leading research capability and people to galvanise novel solutions for the enormous mental health challenges facing our modern world.

Across our three overarching themes – Developing WellLiving Well, and Ageing Well – we are working side-by-side with our communities to build resilient, healthy brains early in life and to develop tools to promote healthy lifestyles and maintain brain health as we age.

Developing Well

We’re the first in the world to have developed novel interactive technologies designed for young children to train and strengthen cognitive capacity. We’re also expanding into interventions geared towards improving social and emotional wellbeing.

Living Well

We’re finding novel and exciting new ways of maintaining optimal mental health as the brain faces new triggers and stressors as it moves from adolescence into adulthood.

Ageing Well

Maintaining brain health in our older population so they can continue to thrive within their communities is one of the most pressing challenges of the twenty-first century. We aim to be part of the solution.

Educational and developmental psychology

Faculty of Education researchers specialise in assessment, diagnosis and intervention across the lifespan. Specific research strengths include autism, mental health, resilience and learning difficulties.

Monash Malaysia Research

Psychology staff in Malaysia work in research clusters covering social-cross cultural research; health, addiction and counselling; and memory and cognition.