B. Make a choice

Once you have done some initial reading in various areas, it's time to decide on your specific area of interest. For some people picking a topic is easy as there may be a particular area that jumps out at you. For others, choosing between two or more areas is difficult and may require a bit more exploration. 

Some tips when deciding on a research area:

  • Think about the type of research that you would like to conduct. Some areas will lend themselves more to certain types of research so you may wish to investigate the type of research that is commonly conducted in a particular area (e.g. qualitative versus quantitative).
  • Consider the types of participants that you would like to work with. Some research areas will involve working with clinical populations, while others may involve working with animal models or within a wet lab (i.e. genetics research).  
  • It may be helpful to discuss any queries that you have with someone that is currently undertaking research in a particular area to get a sense of what may be involved.

Note: The process for selecting a research topic will differ depending on the course you are enrolled in so it is best that you check the specific course requirements.